Monday, April 14, 2008

Tour around the Copper Country

So yeah, I've been slacking on the blog. It's just so good to be home and hang with the family, but presently all are away so I'll write a post instead of wiring the bathroom (yes, I know you just gave me the meter, Mr. Bud, but I feel the need to procrastinate). Anyhow, I've whipped out my camera a few times while driving around the area. The photo above was taken just outside the next town. The folks here ripped a door off of their junk car and made it into a dog house. Yooper practicality.This is a photo of Mr. Bud from across the canal (if you look real hard you can see him in his rocking chair, drinking coffee, even though he said he was going to work when I left). I took this after leaving his place, driving home during the beginning of our last blizzard. I swear I was NOT taking pictures while driving in a blizzard. I was stopped in that parking lot across from the B&B!!

Finally, I noticed that the snow banks are still pretty impressive in front of my house-a little over 5 ft high in mid-April. Woo hoo! You really gotta love winter to live in the Copper Country. By the way, you can ignore all the dates on my pictures. I'm one of those people who just can't be bothered to set the date on my camera every time I change the batteries and keep forgetting to turn off the damn date thingy.



Mr. Bud said...

i swear that looked like a plow truck, but now I see a dog house. I sooo need glasses.

B&B, yup I believe you, since the guard rail is across a 4 lane street. And of course I wasn't talking to you on the cell when you were taking that picture.

look ma, no hands!

just minutes before the 'shit hit the fan' part of the storm huh?

Steph said...

Dude, you so need to pick up the ol' blog and do my damned meme. It's the least you could do for filleting me that time you created the website and said I owned an offshore horse meat distribution scheme.

By the way: How's Michigan?

Freddie said...

Eww. White stuff be gone!

The grass here has finally lost its yellow tinge, and the trees are starting to look fuzzy.

Maeve said...

Color me crazy, but I envy the sight I see in your photos.
It is in the 70's-80's here already.
I hate the heat.

Steph said...

I read this post and thought "You know, Pirate needs to write a Yooper dictionary". That way you can stop explaining the abandoned car doghouse to us and just give it some name and we can consult the Yooper dictionary and know that the name means "rusted out car with a door torn off to make a doghouse".

...and the snow drifts look gorgeous from where I sit.