Tuesday, February 27, 2007

shameless plug

Yo ho ho, I'm over at Faster Than The World today. I sat up late and read a bunch of the other articles. Even if I suck and slipped in a re-print, they rock. Go see. Anyway, me and the little one have the flu, I'm going back to bed. Peace.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Edge Off

So, I’m sitting here on my couch, enjoying a splash of wine to take the edge off after having a big, hairy man climb on top of me. I barely managed to rip my shirt off before grunting and sweating; he bent me into a pretzel, causing me to cry out in ecstasy and pain at the same time.

By the time he finished, I was spent, panting and delirious. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, but I just lay there, biting my lip, tears running down my face. Fuck me, it was really good. Possibly the best I’ve ever had. I mean really, have you ever had it so good you cried? Anyway, the wine is like I said, taking the edge off and a perfect compliment to getting worked over by my chiropractor.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Doesn't get any better

Took my girls to a hockey game today. Big one's snowboarding and the little one and I are getting under a blanket and watching Harry Potter. Nite everyone;)

Oh yeah, and Maeve? We just ate pasties-YUMMY!

Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow shirt

Just a quickie tonight, I’m exhausted from crew-x and the last week. Not enough sleep and way too much wine. I still have a lot to accomplish in the 5 remaining weeks, too.

I’ve finally spent a few minutes catching up with my best buddy and his boys, which was nice. It has been nearly two months. I also dug my truck out of the snow and got it out on the highway. It was shakin like a bitch until I realized that it was suffering from a flat spot on the tires from sitting frozen for 6 weeks AND I had neglected to dig the frozen, crusted snow out of the rims, so all 4 tires were unbalanced. I couldn’t get up over 20 mph until I pulled over and hacked all the snow out with a screwdriver. It took about 30 miles to work the flat spots out, entirely. Gotta love winter if you want to live here. I hope to have my driveway and snow blowers (yes, I have 2) completely dug out in another week. Pretty sad when it takes days to dig out your snow blowers, but such is the life of a pirate up here.

I don’t watch much TV, other than the weather channel and UFC (saw chuck pound Jeremy Horn last night-a repeat, but a damn good fight), so I wasn’t too happy to hear that PW dumped more money into our cable package, adding another 100 or so channels. I’ve surfed through all the channels late night after the crew sacks out and they are pretty much shit. 100 more channels of the same useless drivel, basically. I feel like I’m reading this sign, over and over-I just don’t fucking get it.

As an example, I turned the idiot box on about midnight and the very first image I saw was of a guy peeing on his shirt, which he then wrapped around his head and face. He complained that it was a bit stinky. No shit. No, pee, but the point is that if you know why he did it, you don’t need a demo, and if you didn’t already know about that particular technique, well you probably aren’t going to live long enough for it to make any difference in your survival. What passes for entertainment these days astounds me. Anyway, I shut off the piece of crap and read 20 chapters in my latest novel, suppressing the urge to get up and pee on the TV.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

First Week of Vacation

I’ve actually not much to say tonight. PW has been sick and nearly bedridden since I arrived home and picked her up from the hospital crew-x afternoon. She’s been recovering, but slowly. So, I’ve been cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, ferrying the kids around, shopping, going to Girl Scouts, etc. I’ve always known how much she does but its still good to be reminded and I haven’t even had to run her business at the same time.

My nights have been pretty much wine-soaked and my mornings steeped in Baileys. The inbetweens are all errands and housework. Not much blog fodder. Girl Scouts was um, fun. Each troop represented a different country and we traveled around a high school cafeteria, visiting countries and learning about them. I got a little burlap bag of coffee beans in Columbia and some ass-kickin, jelly-filled, nisu roll in Finland. I flirted with the Finland den mother so I could go back for seconds, thirds and fourths of the nisu roll. Dang, it was good! I got some little flag stickers, too. Madagascar was my favorite after Finland-they had a little jungle canopy to walk under. I had to do it on my knees but it was worth the peek at all the little animals hanging from the canopy.

I think that dickhead that was married to Brittany Spears is on my fucking TV! Goddam kids-hold on. Man, does that fuckwit sound like a dying lawnmower, or what? How in the fuck does someone like that make money as an entertainer?

Last night we had a wicked snowstorm. At first, it was coming down harder than I have ever seen. We got 4” in less than 5 minutes. You could stand and watch the snow actually build up right before your eyes. Oddly enough, we had thunder and lightning at the same time. That too, was pretty cool. Shoveling sucked ass this morning, though.

Tonight I sat in a chair and watched both my daughters get their hair cut at a salon. I got all teary-eyed for some reason. Couldn’t stop. They are getting so old and I miss them as little babies. NO, PW, I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BABY. NOPE. Just a few minutes ago, my son actually taught me how to do something. What a switch. I didn’t know that happened when you got old. I thought I would always know more than him, no matter what. He taught me how to clean and wax a snowboard and that was cool, interesting and fun. In fact, he’s going down to scrape the excess wax right now and I want to learn that, so peace out everyone.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back In Black

Something about blogging in black that breathes life into me. This puppy was started with less than 10 seconds of coherent thought. I was changing a setting in my Google Chat, saw Blogger listed in my Google services and thought, "Man, do I miss blogging in Black", clicked on it, immediately had a title in mind, created a blog, picked the BLACK template and here I am, posting 20 seconds later.

I just heard the History Channel state that they were covering biological weapons of mass destruction on Modern Marvels. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot? Smallpox wiping out the Maya is not modern. Biological weapons of ANY KIND are not marvels and they need to screw their fucking heads on straight. Hello?

Anyway, I'm back.