Saturday, February 24, 2007

Doesn't get any better

Took my girls to a hockey game today. Big one's snowboarding and the little one and I are getting under a blanket and watching Harry Potter. Nite everyone;)

Oh yeah, and Maeve? We just ate pasties-YUMMY!


Blondie said...

Just make sure no one breaks their chest with the snowboarding, k?

Glad to hear you're watching the Potter. I've read through the whole series 3 times and can't wait for Book 7. But I did see a picture of Daniel Radcliff's ass the other day and another one of him nude posing with a horse, so I think he may be trying to shake his Potter image, no?

Maeve said...

I'll get you and your little dog too!

Pirate said...

Blondies checkin out Potter Booty-ooooh!

Maeve, I am truely sorry. They were just so yummy and hot and pasty-like that I had to tell you;)

LeeAnn said...

Nothing is nicer than snuggling with your kids.

Maeve said...

*Giving you the stink eye*

Pirate said...

The dreaded stinky eye? I'm toast.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Hope your older girl is better at snowboarding than you are. ;)

I love watching Harry Potter with the kids, you're right. It doesn't get any better than that.

A chuisle said...

sounds like the best kind of day.

and i've also seen the potter horse pic; frightening. and weird; he's not holding anything but he's posed like he is.