Thursday, February 22, 2007

First Week of Vacation

I’ve actually not much to say tonight. PW has been sick and nearly bedridden since I arrived home and picked her up from the hospital crew-x afternoon. She’s been recovering, but slowly. So, I’ve been cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, ferrying the kids around, shopping, going to Girl Scouts, etc. I’ve always known how much she does but its still good to be reminded and I haven’t even had to run her business at the same time.

My nights have been pretty much wine-soaked and my mornings steeped in Baileys. The inbetweens are all errands and housework. Not much blog fodder. Girl Scouts was um, fun. Each troop represented a different country and we traveled around a high school cafeteria, visiting countries and learning about them. I got a little burlap bag of coffee beans in Columbia and some ass-kickin, jelly-filled, nisu roll in Finland. I flirted with the Finland den mother so I could go back for seconds, thirds and fourths of the nisu roll. Dang, it was good! I got some little flag stickers, too. Madagascar was my favorite after Finland-they had a little jungle canopy to walk under. I had to do it on my knees but it was worth the peek at all the little animals hanging from the canopy.

I think that dickhead that was married to Brittany Spears is on my fucking TV! Goddam kids-hold on. Man, does that fuckwit sound like a dying lawnmower, or what? How in the fuck does someone like that make money as an entertainer?

Last night we had a wicked snowstorm. At first, it was coming down harder than I have ever seen. We got 4” in less than 5 minutes. You could stand and watch the snow actually build up right before your eyes. Oddly enough, we had thunder and lightning at the same time. That too, was pretty cool. Shoveling sucked ass this morning, though.

Tonight I sat in a chair and watched both my daughters get their hair cut at a salon. I got all teary-eyed for some reason. Couldn’t stop. They are getting so old and I miss them as little babies. NO, PW, I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BABY. NOPE. Just a few minutes ago, my son actually taught me how to do something. What a switch. I didn’t know that happened when you got old. I thought I would always know more than him, no matter what. He taught me how to clean and wax a snowboard and that was cool, interesting and fun. In fact, he’s going down to scrape the excess wax right now and I want to learn that, so peace out everyone.


A chuisle said...

home sounds good. the last part about your kids growing up was so true; i don't have kids yet but I've got cousins who are 15 years younger than me, and watching them change and their knowledge grow is an astounding thing. i can't imagine what i'd feel if they were my own children.

have fun in the snow! throw a snowball for me!!!

Blondie said...

Oh, thank gawd you're back. Been missing the chatter. Why was PW in the hospital? Tell her King sends her a hug and a MAR.

Freddie said...

Welcome back! (I tried to comment yesterday but couldn't - hope this one makes it through.)

"Tonight I sat in a chair and watched both my daughters get their hair cut at a salon. I got all teary-eyed for some reason. Couldn’t stop."

That's the good stuff.

Maeve said...

Have a Pasty for me. Better yet, post that web page where I can order them.
I wasn't bright enough to book mark it last time!

dorothy said...

Hi! Glad to see you didn't give up on the blogging thing!

Jay said...

Hope PW gets better fast.

Sounds like being home agrees with you.

Pirate said...

Yo Ho people. Busy day today-car troubles and lots of errands.

A Chuisle- Home is wonderful and I will toss a few snoballs in your honor tonite at the ski hill.

Blondie-PW had some sort of infection that kicked the shit out of her, the night of crew-x. She spent 2 nights at the hospital, but is now recovering pretty well:) I'll tell her the boys said hey:)

Hello Freddie! Yeah, thats the good stuff alright. Time spent with my girls is priceless:)

Maeve- I had a pasty last week at the hospital with PW and it was GOOD. Here ya go:
You can peek at the Yooper pics and the order link is at the very bottom of the page;)

Dorothy- Hola! and Welcome! I can't give it up, its like crack.

Jay- PW says thank you and yes home life is SO wonderful after 6 weeks on the old rust bucket...

LeeAnn said...

Glad you're blogging again. Welcome back.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Good lord, stop drinking and give PW a Bailey's/red wine IV STAT!

I am working on a way to keep our kids small. Wouldn't that be nice? They could be tiny forever. Ok, maybe that's not so nice, especially when they turn 18 and you can no longer use them as tax deductions and they're still screaming that you didn't break the Snickers bar perfectly in half and one of them IS EATING THE BIGGER-BY-A-MILIGRAM-OTHER-HALF.

Ahem. Sorry, got lost for a minute there.

P.S. - Kevin Federline grew up in Fresno and you should know by now that nothing good ever comes out of Fresno.

Maeve said...

Thank you Pirate!

Pirate said...

Hola Leeann- It is so good to be back in black, thanks!

Q1- I used to have a friend who would always say when he finally had kids he would put Miracle Grow in their Cherios and teach em to play basketball. I always thought that was such a great idea until now. I want Bonsai kids:(

Oh and Fresno? K-Fed would be the FIRST thing I've ever heard of coming out of Fresno, besides a case of the clap a buddy got back in 84. I'd rather get the clap...

Maeve- You are most welcome-enjy those golden goodies!! Oh, and I must ask: Gravy, Ketchup, or plain?