Thursday, December 10, 2009

still alive and kicking

I'm still out here and haven't given up entirely on the blog and writing in general.  Today, I posted a product review on my other site.  Its hunter-specific and if you can't appreciate talk of anal cavities and entrails, well, you might want to skip it.  The Butt-Out (TM) is a wonderful thing, but it's not for everyone, just hunters and people who like butt jokes.

I'm back down in Colombia.  It's hot (91), sunny, windy and the seas are rough.  Work is a bitch and I'm struggling.  The lack of sleep during travel and now onboard, is making me a bastard to live and work with, but such is the nature of the job and myself.  Hopefully, things will get ironed out in the very near future and I can look forward to steaming back up to the States for the holidays.  Freeport is high on my list of places to be in 2 weeks.

I hear of a blizzard back home and wish with all my heart I was there for it.  I LOVE extreme winter weather.  LOVE.

Hope you all are safe, happy and healthy and for those of you in the Upper Midwest, warm and cozy.


Anonymous said...

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PR said...

Almost makes me want to hunt. I can see the logic.