Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The remains of summer

It's about 8:30 am.  The sun is up and warming the day.  We're camped out shore-side at a state park just down the road from home.  In-laws are up from below the bridge with their RV and we chose to stay a few nights at the cabin next-door to their campsite. 

It was damn cold last night, which would of made for good sleeping if PW hadn't insisted on closing all the cabin windows and kicking on a little heater.  I was up at first light, feeling a little stuffy and nauseous from a suspected case of food poisoning, or a 24-hr flu bug.  Took a shower at the camp showers (HOT AND LONG!), completed some paperwork for the old job and now I ready to rock.  My MIL just walked over and gave me a huge mug of steaming coffee!!!!

Damn that's good!  Where was I?  Yes, paperwork is done and I'm ready to spend another day exploring the Copper Country with the folks, PW and LP.  I''m sitting at a picnic table facing the woods, with the sun-kissed lake on my right and it is a glorious morning despite feeling a little sick.

After a blueberry pancake breakfast we're heading into the woods to an abandoned copper mine to do a little prospecting, then walking some trails in the woods across the highway from the park.  Later, I have to head into town to pick up the oldest two kids and buy my son's books for his first semester at my alma mater.  There's also the small matter of calling a few roofing contractors to save me from certain death on my roof.  I sincerely hope all of you are enjoying the remains of summer, as I am.

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