Sunday, August 31, 2008

Singer sewing machine

All's quiet here.  No houseguests, relatives, or scheduled Copper Country tours.  Slowly working on the huge list of things to do, but I find myself still tired and largely unmotivated, as if I just stepped off the ship:(

Bought PW a vintage Singer sewing machine.  It's a 1902 model 127 treadle-type(model 27, specifically, I think), with the sphinx design, set in a six-drawer cabinet (type1-6, maybe a 4, which is not listed anywhere I could find on the net).  Looks pretty cool, is in fine condition and I snagged it for only 50 bucks, out of a garage just 3 blocks from here.  Yesterday I bought 2 antique irons and a little, antique, vulcanizing kit from a garage sale.  I think that makes more antiques than I've bought in my entire life, to date.  I also, almost joined the international antique sewing machine society, or something to that effect...

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