Friday, September 5, 2008

Quick Update

My oldest son is now in college.  Today, walking around my alma mater with him was a bit overwhelming.  Lots of memories.

Ripped all the heat ducting out of my house.  Replacing it all and adding cold air returns.  Not fun in a 101 yr old house.  Broke out the sheet metal to box in a few floor joists and cut the crap out of my thumb.  I hate working with sheet metal, but it's not the first, nor last of my blood put into this old house.

Still no roof.  Still waiting on a couple of quotes and getting worried that snow is just around the corner.  The temperature fell 30 degrees in 24 hours a few days ago and just today I had the first fire in our newly installed wood stove.  Man, it was nice.  Maybe a little to hot since I was working, but still sweet.  Beats paying for fuel oil, too:)

Putting in for a work visa to work in India, but in the meantime, it's only six days till I head back to Australia, one more freaking time.


PR said...

I hear India is nice this time of year.

The Pirate said...

So is Cleveland, but I don't want to go there, either...