Friday, September 26, 2008

Still going...

North.   Not yet to Bali, still out in Indian Ocean.  The crew has mostly recovered from the paint fumes, just a few disturbing memories of wild dreams and dark thoughts.  Weather is good, a bit choppy, but all in all, good sailing weather.  Work is progressing smoothly, with only the expected hiccups and issues.  My sinus infection is holding on tightly, despite saunas every night after shift.  The big news of the day was acquiring a pair of work pants to replace my long-sleeve boiler suit.  I was not looking forward to wearing that in Singapore...

Watching the state of the economy and politics from afar, I am getting quite a dismal picture of home.  Somebody fix that shit before I come back!

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Mr. Bud said...

Let's take a little quiz.

In a contry where the government taxes the crap out of the population but owns and controls the major businesses of the economy (Transportation, post, health care, energy, agriculture and banking) this is called:

a) Capitalism
b) Socialism
c) Communism

makes you wonder who won when the wall fell down..?!?

bring on the next depression. Not only am I looking forward to it, but we need a little social cleansing. Soccer moms will figure out the value of a piece of string and a ziplock bag. And the meek shall inherit the earth... someone said.

um.. in my opinion.