Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Steaming North

We're on our way to Loyang, Singapore.  Cleared customs and immigration this morning.  I got a call early this morning while in the shower to report to the ship's office and get cleared.  Ran up there thinking I'd get interviewed, fingerprinted and interrogated.  The girl says "Right, let's have a look at you, then" and promptly dismissed me. Interrupted my shower for nothing!

Anyway, we split Dampier and headed North through the many whales.  They were jumping everywhere, today.  We should be there in nine days, I think.

There was little of my normal work to do today, so I jumped in to help one of the other departments.  As we're heading into port and dry dock for some major work, we had tons of shit to dismantle and pack up.  I donned a climbing harness and went into the rails and beams above one of the interior decks (despite being afraid of heights-it was only about 20 feet up) and pulled out about 26 miles of heavy cable.  I'm soaked in sweat and head-to-toe black with grease, dirt and sea-slime, but I feel pretty damn good.  It was a rather enjoyable day, actually.

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