Friday, September 19, 2008

Riddle me this, Batman

Yesterday was full of riddles, puzzles, mysteries and mayhem.   I felt like, well, I don't know what I felt like, but it wasn't exactly pleasant, I can tell you.  The data I work on and the methods I use presented me with enough mystery to give Sherlock Holmes a stroke.  Meanwhile, crew are walking around asking riddles and puzzles.  A few even ASKED me for a riddle, or to show them a few puzzles/tricks that I've pulled out before on slow days.

I cannot and will not go into the work details, but I wish I could:  LL would LOVE the one that takes 3rd grade math and turns it into a mind-fucking puzzle.  I will, however, relate a couple of things:

Riddle me this:  A man lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building.  Every morning he gets in the elevator, takes it to the ground floor and goes to work.  Every evening he returns to his building, gets in the elevator, rides it to the 15th floor and takes the stairs the rest of the way to the 20th.  Why?

This next one is a bit more complicated. 


A man walks into a restaurant, sits down and orders a quail dinner.  When his food arrives, he stands up walks out of the restaurant and promptly kills himself.  Why?
You may ask (20) YES, or NO questions.  Any question asked may also be considered irrelevant and will not count against your 20.

Send me the questions via email, which you can find in my profile.  Send them one at a time and consider the answer before submitting another.  From time to time, I may throw out a clue, if people are struggling.  First one to piece together the entire story wins, oh, i don't know-a bottle of vino, or a gold star on yer forehead-we'll cross that causeway when the hurricane comes.

In other news, the big puzzle is what are we going to do out here during my trip.  It seems that our plans are so totally up in the air that I have no idea what country I'm going to be in next week.  Undaunted, I chose my crew-x flights just today and have tentative plans to fly home via Perth, AUS.  Four weeks to go, people.


Fyremandoug said...

Maybe he is to short to reach the 20th button?

first floor button lower than 20th

Fyremandoug said...

Dude silly question you guys have repel boarder drills?