Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back to Oz

48 hours it took to get to Perth.  Qantas lost my bag and caused me to miss my connection in Brisbane.  Typical crew-x.  They gave me AUS100 for the lost bag, but to buy a duffle bag, one pair of jeans, one pair skivvies, one pair of socks, one pair of shoes, toothpaste and a fleece cost me AUS250.  Not much to go on for 5 weeks and a bit pricy considering I bought everything but the fleece at that French store, Target.

Ate a five-dollar burger at Micky-D's while surrounded by pigeons in the restaurant, showered, messaged PW and now I'm passing out since it's already 5:30pm and I have a 3am wake-up.  One more bus, plane and helicopter to go, tomorrow.  I hate this commute, but wonder if the next one will be worse-rumour has it the next job is in India.  The last time I was in that region I actually found myself in a dugout canoe, powered by a dude in loincloth, pushing us with a long pole...

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Steph said...

Don't knock loincloths.

Well, unless they are being worn by ugly people. ;)