Saturday, September 27, 2008


Has come and gone.  We passed the Island sometime this morning, around dawn.  There was not much to note, other than some green mountains, a multitude of small vessels and one fishing net that appeared stuck to our bow for a while.

This afternoon, we began to prepare for the transit along Indonesia, where piracy is a real and constant threat.  We held a meeting to review the ISPS procedures related to acts of piracy, going over the crew response and what to expect if boarded.  In my opinion, expect the unexpected, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  The crew were issued swords and began practicing to repel boarders.  Just kidding, we only use fire hoses, unfortunately.

The Equator and Singapore are close and we should reach port in a few days.  Port call promises to be chaos, but I am looking forward to planting my feet on dry ground and whetting my whistle with a cold beer in Changi.  Work progresses with little issue and I'm pleased at that:)  Knock wood....

It seems I have what you might call a distant relative, living in Singapore and I hope they are able to come down and get a tour of my ship-they would be the first ever to do so.  I've often hoped my family could visit during port call, somewhere, and actually see where I go to live and work, at least seven months of every year.  I feel like the people I care about really have no clue about where I go, what I do and how I live most of my life and it saddens me, makes me feel apart from everyone.  I think that you can't appreciate what this place is like until you've at least had a look at the ship, in person and up close.  Pictures, words and even video, just don't do it justice.


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