Monday, September 8, 2008

Remains of the break

Took yesterday off.  Decided not work on my furnace and instead took LP out for breakfast and then into the woods.  We drove out about 10 miles on old logging roads.  While hiking the bush, we got caught in a thunderstorm and were soaked by the time we made it back to the truck.  We sat in the truck on top of a clear-cut ridge, warming up and reading a book for about an hour while it rained, then headed back home for burgers.  It was a damn good day.

Less than 48 hours till departure, now.  Back to Australia and work-ugh.  Only last night did I finally receive my flight details and only tonight did I make my seat assignments.  I hate this last minute crap because the seats are mostly assigned by now.  I was frustrated that not only did I have limited seats to choose from, but for one flight, I could not seem to change my seat.  Disgusted, I finally gave up and went back to my itinerary, only to find that the reason I couldn't choose a seat was the airline was upgrading me to first class at the exact same time.  I'm glad their change took precedent! 

Anyway, I'm clinging to the little things as the weight of leaving begins to bear down on me.  My opposite is on Google chat, giving me all the gory details about the operation down there.  Sounds as if I'll have my work cut out for me.  Just now my handover notes arrived in the inbox and I've got to check them out.  The fire needs stoking, too.



Anonymous said...

Well, have a safe trip and party as often as possible!

PR said...

Safe travels