Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 3

Lost contact with friends who live/lived in Galveston:(  I really hope they got out.  For a moderate hurricane it looks like it has done some serious damage to the Texas coast.  I lived in South Houston many years ago when it was last directly hit by a major hurricane and while the place flooded badly, it faired much better than it has after Ike.  Friends in Houston say it's pretty bad right now and the images on the Internet remind me of driving up the Mississippi Delta into New Orleans just after Katrina.  Having rode out one hurricane on land and several at sea I can only say that mother nature always wins, it's just a matter of how hard you get fucked.

Today I had a 3-way chat with a guy in the Beaufort Sea and another in the North Sea.  I've done it before, but it always sort of blows my mind that we're so far away on the Earth as well as so far from civilization, yet we chat like the three of us are at the bar and not off the coasts of Alaska, Norway and Australia:)

I think my next crew-x is now going to be in Bali.  Yet another place I can say I saw for a day, drank a beer in and left.  I hope they have cold beer.  It now looks like I'll see Singapore City, Capetown, South Africa and Luanda, Angola after that.  I'm just filling in holes on the map left and right.  I wish I could work in Hawaii, or Idaho. 

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Anonymous said...

Bangkok, you must see Bangkok. It's awesome.