Thursday, September 3, 2009

It was good to be king

With sat comms restored, I've gotten pretty busy.  Not too many emails waiting for me as we actually had so many that our mail server crashed and deleted them all.  No tears shed, there.  Still, I'm chasing up a hundred different things right now, in preparation for port call in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.  Port call is going to be utter madness for me, as I will be sailing to Cartagena, Columbia instead of flying home, if I cannot get everything done.

Went up on deck about 5:30 this morning with my coffee, to watch the sunrise.  The waters are a deep blue, but have that emerald green, when turned over in the bow wake.  That's the Carribean as I remember it.  Its been about 9-10 years since I've sailed these waters and they look awfully inviting after nearly a year of wallowing around off the mouth of the Congo.

Starting to firm up my travel plans for FIRE/HUET/SEA SURVIVAL training this coming break.  Its a week out of the middle of my break, but "safety first" is the rule.  Anyway, it looks like I'll be training in Lafayette, LA., the first place I ever trained at.  Years ago, it was pretty lousy training and I pray its better now, but am not holding my breath.  I'll miss  the boys at TEEX and all the big fire.  Damn, I'll miss all the big fire, especially that call at the end of the day to see if anyone wants MORE fire.  I never missed the chance for more fire:(

So, I leave you with a couple more shots of the recent ceremony.  Me as King Neptune, my queen, naughty nurse and attending pirates.  I think my baby is missing, but I'll post another of him as the poor pollywogs are licking mayonaise out of his bellybutton...

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