Sunday, September 6, 2009


It was good to leave Angola and West Africa in my wake.  It was a glorious site to see Luanda fading astern as we sailed East across the Atlantic toward the Brazilian coast.  Two weeks of quiet steaming, except for a small deviation to a collection of rocks poking out of the depths known as San Pedro Island.  Noting really to see, but I doubt that there are many people in the history of mankind who can say they've laid eyes on those lonely rocks.  Another week sailing North up the coast past Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela and we come upon Trinidad and Tobago.  This morning, we rounded the North end of Trinidad, made the Dragon's Mouth passage and are now waiting off Chaguarmas Harbor for the harbor pilot to take us into the quay where we can hit the Crews Inn and a bottle of rum.

I hear there is an American warship docked here.  I hope to get a chance to walk over and thank them for their service, maybe buy a sailor or two a beer at the Crews Inn.

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