Friday, November 13, 2009

home for deer season

Made it home. Choppered off the ship Thursday afternoon in slightly rough weather, but had no troubles. Spent a relaxing night in Cartagena with my good buddy from the ship. We hung out at the pool bar, had a few cold ones and a great meal. Later, a few of the crew showed up to tell of exploits at the festival in town. Most of them were covered in blue paint and foam. Two of them had their wallets stolen. Mine was inside the safe in my room:) Bought my girls some bracelets from a little old lady and sacked out early, but not before I sat on the balcony listening to a hired guitarist lay down both Santana and Satriani. Flying home from Colombia was also pretty decent. Very short connections at every stop was kind of tough, but I pulled it off and arrive on time at about 9:30 last night. PW was kind enough to feed me and I managed to get some sleep. Her and I are heading out in the woods to check my blind, drop off some bait and supplies for the coming week. How awesome is my wife? She put up my blind and laid out bait, yesterday, while I was flying! Yes, that awesome. Words do not do her justice. Nor do I.

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