Tuesday, February 23, 2010

back in the saddle

So, I'm hard at work, back in the GoM.  Been here since Thursday.  The weather has been mild, but the fog is really bad today.  The adjacent ships in the fleet have disappeared, even the one closest to us at 1200 meters off our starboard beam.  Still fog in the foc'sle beats a hurricane in the forecast any day.  Hey!  That sounds pretty good and I just made it up on the spot.

Last night I started my workouts, in earnest.  I do 7.7 miles in an hour on the elliptical machine, every single night.  During my last break I discovered that snowshoeing and the elliptical machine fell like the same thing-same movement and rhythm.  I can close my eyes and picture my 7.7 mile snowshoe while working out:)    I'm determined to loose at least 15 pounds this trip.  I am not coming home to PW still looking like Santa, in March:(

This morning, I woke to find a piece of paper from one of the girls who works for me, laying on my desk.  It was a calender of extremely old and fat Asian ladies in lingerie.  No amount of eye bleach will fix me and I will be plotting my revenge, slowly and carefully, over the coming weeks, but in the end I may just decide to kill her.

Finally, I would like to thank my daughter for telling my boss I never work, on Facebook.  I'm sure LL will appreciate that tidbit after we recently discussed how one should never add their boss.  I can understand how some animals eat their young.

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