Thursday, October 11, 2007

injured, can't type, can't finish bathroom, can't go to work, family living in hotel

UPDATE: no typing allowed, yet. everything is still the same and still suks. tomorrow i see my physical therapist again. hotel suks but the sauna was nice tonite...

this sucks


Freddie said...

Aw crap. That does suck.

Thought you were going back to sea on Monday? Did you get injured at sea?

But then, maybe I'm confused.

I know we're pretty far away, but if there's anything we can do to help y'all out just say so.

Mr. Bud said...

ya see, 'ol mr. south paw, mr. leftie, mr. 'hand of the devil', developed carple tunnel in the middle of the bath project.(BAD, way bad) but see, what i don't get is this is caused by vibrating rapid hand movement. repeatedly. over long periods of time. like over and over and...

and your gone for 6-8 weeks using just a mouse on the ship.
away from PW.
with girly magazines.
and all guys on board.

oooh. it just dawned on me..
that's embarrassing.

Kim said...

Sending good vibes your way for, um, no pain and ability to function?

Fyremandoug said...

Mr bud can the bathroom be saved????

qofd said...


Mr. Bud said...

but, but, but...
i want to make excuses, just like a school kid, but they don't hold much water.
Heres's the update..
pirate family is still living in a motel (which is only 1 block away and has a hot tub.. motivation issues.. for me) The bath project is only a matter of hours from being completed. and it couldn't have landed on a worse time.
dumb guy here took on a project where we framed up an entire new second floor to a house (framed used lightly here, the rafters are 8X18X22' beams with fancy jointery kind of stuff) then we simply decapitate the existing house and crane the new 2nd floor on top. it's a theory anyway. well, we decapitated the house this week. home owner still occupying. there's a lot of logistical issues that add up to long days. for the stupid guy who thought this up. mua. buck stops here stuff. after starting at quarter to 6 and quitting that at 8 and going to the bath till midnight, i'm one burnt soldier. (I know. wimp)

and then... tonight i had a hot date with the lovely and charming PW, (well, pirate was supposed to be out of town... break the date?... i don't think so..) anyho.. go out, or set a toilet? well, i don't get out much so... PW entertained the burnt soldier. (she is too nice)

good news.. the damage to gimpy boy is not permanent.. but still not out of the woods. therapy is the next step. and I can't block off a major street till monday for mr. crane, so this weekend opens up some tubby time at the pirate castle bath and spa.

i can't wait till pirate can type again so i don't have to..

Fyremandoug said...

will you live Pirate?
Is they gunna have to amp-u-tate?

Mr. Bud said...

and... the swelling is down a little, and you get to keep your paw... and there's a *hitter hole (course it dumps on the basement floor.. but it's a hole) so.. progress.. (and wine)

stop the planet. i wanna get off for a minute. and pirate family is welcome to join me.

dorothy said...

Oh, dear. Can you at least drink?