Friday, October 19, 2007

Sangiovese and a shower

So I'm still around, but trying not to type much. My left hand still goes numb, hurts and is really weak. Tonight was the night. Mr. Bud once again showed up after a rather nasty, wet day on the job and pitched in a few hours of plumbing and now everything is working, bar a nasty leak in the new sink drain (WTF??) and a temp install of the shower head until that particular piece of drywall is hung. In fact, two walls are stll waiting for drywall, but I plan to hit that tomorrow w/ PW. Still to come: Drywall, taping, mudding, painting and base molding. Hang the door, hook up the light/fan/outlets, install the shower door and cut in a new heat vent. Details.

Anyhoo, tonight I actually took a fucking shower, after re-plumbing the kitchen sink drain and screwing in the shower head.. It's been a while and damn it felt good:) I decided to celebrate and now I'm lounging around in sweats, with some leftover pizza from the corner bar and a bottle of Sangiovese.

By the way, in the midst of all this negative bullshit going on the past few weeks, I decided to do something positive. Tuesday, I stopped in at my local winery and started a batch of exactly what I'm drinking right now, the Sangiovese. It is yummy. Sweeter and less bodied than my favorite wines, like the Syrah and Multipulciano, but I felt PW would be more inclined to join me in heartily downing the first 32 bottles with this selection;)

I think tomorrow is the day I stop in to take the wine off the lees (sediments) and get it into a secondary fermentation vessel. I should note that as a geologist, I was pleased to see that wine starts with muddy water made from Bentonite, an aluminium phyllosilicate clay, consisting of mostly of the mineral, Montmorilinite. It is formed from the weathering of volcanic ash and it's purpose in wine making is to bond with undesirable proteins and precipitate out with the other sediments ( the lees) such as the toasted oak sawdust added to make up for not hanging out in a barrel for a couple years. My winery owners, Frank and Carmen were very informative as I whipped up my first batch and I find this shit fascinating.

Oh, one last observation: I love grape juice in addition to wine, of course. Frank had me taste the grape juice used for the Sangiovese and holy shit it was the best grape juice i have ever tasted. If you could put that shit in a carton for a decent price you could put Welches out business in a heartbeat.

To wrap things up; I'm most likely not heading to Alaska, or anywhere else for that matter, any time soon. The injury just threw off everything. Maybe Egypt or Angola in a3-4 weeks, but I'm getting a well-deserved break after all. I'll post a few choice pics of my bathroom experience in a few days, after the drywall, door and electrical is complete and I give my first born to Mr. Bud. By the way, please pray for dry weather and no wind before Mr Bud drowns or blows away. This has been the worst weather I have ever experienced up here and he has had a house COMPLETELY opened up for the last week:(


Mr. Bud said...

i've made a career decision. i'm going to become a painter and paint pictures of pretty yellow and blue flowers while the men in there little white coats take care of me.
and i want a 5 gal glass carboy bottle of your wine set up as an IV. on a little stand. tnat i can wheel around with my wheelchair.

well, i'm off to fight 45 mph winds and a 50' tarp. wish me luck.

woohoo on taking a shower! did it work for PW and LP?

Fyremandoug said...

Hey Pirate good to see you somewhat
mobile again, It also sounds like your making headway on the bathroom
I have almost the same prodject in our spare bathroom to do, and its pissing and blowing here in the Willamette and My wife just grabbed get trusty boom stick and is out to slay a Blacktail Buck.
Get better, write if you find work
drink more wine.

Macoosh said...

have i missed something? what'd you do exactly to your hand?

I've been there...the one handed life...I cut 4 of my fingers off back in high school (long story) and had them sewn back on but couldn't really use my hand for a year. sometimes it still hurts and often times it's not able to function properly..especially when it's cold.

hope your injury isn't as serious as mine was!

qofd said...

Awwww Pirate! I'm glad the shower's working. Glad to hear you have wine. Glad to hear that you're getting a break. Sad to hear that you're still in pain. Glad to hear that it sounds like PW will be allowing you to live although really? I have to stick to Chick Law and come down on her side because you had the fucking gall to develop an injury that interefered with your ability to finish the bathroom. ;)

Have you ever tried Kedem grape juice? Kosher is gud.