Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It's nearly one am, the night before opening day and I cannot sleep. I went to be d at 10:30. My alarm goes off in 3 hours, dammit! Couldn't sleep last night, either. Tossed and turned until 7am. Funny, I'm not overly excited about hunting this year, even though it's been two years since I last hunted. The only thing I'm excited about is that my oldest will be hunting with me the first two days and then I take out LP and PW.

It's been blowing and snowing for about 4 hours with maybe 2-3 inches fallen so far. Must be about 30 degrees out there with winds gusting to 30-35. Going to be cold in the blind but I'm thankful I wasn't planning to sit a tree stand!! I only hope the blind didn't blow away or shred in the high winds today. It's a tent blind and winds gusted over 40-45 today:(

I just saw on the weather channel that there's a cyclone (hurricanes are called cyclones in the Indian and Southern oceans) heading toward India. I have a lot of friends working off of India this year and I hope they are all going to be OK.

Well, that's it for me-I polished off a bowl of cereal and need to try to sleep for the next 3 hours. Hope you hunters out there put meat in the freezer.

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