Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pick a country, any country

Injuring my hand has made a mess of my work schedule! Alaska gets canceled. Egypt was next, but suddenly I was booked for New Zealand with Egypt on hold. Just a couple days ago I found myself scheduled for Mexico instead and assumed New Zealand was out. This morning I find out I'm scheduled for both countries at the same time, but the office just realized they can't split me in two, so now both jobs are on hold. Deer season off? Christmas off? Who fucking knows? I can only assume from all this that I'm really headed to the moon, next. I'll pick up a moon rock for you, Blondie.

I've spent the last 3 hours draining, flushing and installing two new elements in my water heater. What a thankless, shitty job.

Tomorrow night I am going to spend the night at a hotel with my oldest daughter and four, or five of her teen-age friends. I suspect this too, will be a thankless, shitty job...

Pictures are coming, I swear.


Maeve said...

So are you going to Mexico or Mexico #2 (California)?
If your work takes you to Mexico #2 I'd be happy to mix you a drink to forget the pain you have.
You may forget your name too....but at least the pain will be gone.

Blondie said...

Oh, thank gawwwd. I've been waiting for a moon rock 4ever!! ;) Speaking of the moon, I still haven't gotten to see that new documentary that came out. ARG! BOO!

I can't wait to see pix of your hotel adventure.

qofd said...

Perhaps they'll forget you are there and just leave you alone through deer season and the holidays. Oh, but not forget to send your paychecks. You know...

Mr. Bud said...

aarrg. snow.

mexico or the land down under sound pretty good right now. wanna traid lives? I git LP, pirate son, and pirate daughter and ooooh PW.
You get.... well... um... bonehead and a snow plow.

ok. maybe not.