Friday, November 30, 2007

Last day of the hunt

Last day of the 2007 rifle season and I'm heading out late. Yesterday the snow was waist-deep. It isn't more than 2 feet deep here at the house and where I hunt is less that 4 miles from here, but the amount of snow out there is simply staggering. It was cold, little more than 10 degrees, so I kept leaving the blind to still hunt and let me tell you, THAT is a workout. Slog 2-3 miles through waist-deep snow, weighed down with 25-30 pounds of gear and clothing. Keeps you warm, though.

It was also beautiful. I left the camera in the truck and snapped a few photos on the way out, but the camera must have been frozen-they didn't come out right??? Anyhoo, today I am putting off heading out into the woods because of my experience getting in and out, yesterday. The snow is so deep that it pushes over the hood of my truck in some places and I barely made it out last night. I was really sweating it. What the fuck do you do if your truck gets stuck in waist-deep snow a few miles back in the woods? Spring melt is a looong way off and I have no idea who might be able to get in to some place like my hunting area, let alone effect a rescue. I wouldn't even hunt today if i didn't have to get my tent blind out of there.

But off I go. Wish me luck!


Mr. Bud said...

oh yeah baby!

sorry, my fault. god must a got my wish list. 8.5 degrees and 40 mph winds snowin like a banchee... send them city slickers back where they came from.
woo hoo.
now if he/she can just keep it up for the next 9 months... we'll be good. 4 days running... it's a excellent start.

um... where's mr. 10 point hiding?

The Pirate said...

Be prepared to come get me if I get stuck!!

Dunno where mr. 10 point is. Mr HUGE six-point came in yesterday and I took a pic w/ the camera phone-I'll send it to ya.

Dude, the amount of snow up here is un-fucking real. I found places in the swamp next to my blind where it was so deep I had to sling the rifle across my shoulders to "walk", which was really more like swimming-something like the day we (you, Mike, Mike Kuta and I took Chris W. out for a "walk" out to Lake Superior, near the Rose Island) Tell me winter didn't just start!!

Freddie said...

Best of luck!

Mr. Bud said...

i so believe you.
not to one up, plowing the entrance to Q barn, the plow hooked, i couldn't open the truck door. that's what 3' above ground? (i mean... come on!.. the black truck!) drift was 1/2 way up the door which is over 5'. i went out the back bed window.

DOH! this is rose island.... babab bb but that was february.. i think.