Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tying up some loose ends

A few things have been wrapped up, here in the cove. The 2007 rifle season ended with a whimper for me. More accurately, it ended with me whimpering as I tried to get back out of the woods. That drive stands as the worst I have ever experienced. I was sweating and shaking by the time I blasted through the plow pile and out onto the road, exiting the trail I take in and out. Nonetheless, I wrapped up the season yesterday by driving in, digging out the blind, taking it down and driving out, all in about 2hours. I didn't even stay to hunt-too anxious about getting stuck out there. I did have the gun out and loaded, just in case a shot presented itself, though.

Last night, I spent a few hours cleaning wine bottles and scraping label glue off with a razor blade and some Goo Gone (TM). This morning, LP and I headed into town to the winery, to finish up our wine and get hammered. We bottled up the batch of Sangiovese and made plans for a large wine rack to store all these batches of wine down in our basement. It was pretty fun and LP was a big help, especially with corking and putting on the shrinks, but spent way too much time overall, drinking up the free wine they put out to make your bottling experience a pleasant one. Since I was driving, I limited myself to two glasses; one of our new batch (way too green, yet) and one of the multipulciano. Of course we bought a bottle of the multipulciano to go with the venison steaks tonight:) Had them last night, but mr. bud and the boys didn't make it out so we have TONS of leftovers, still soaking in the orange/raspberry marinade.

While still at the winery, my local butcher called to tell me that the venison mukkuda was ready to pick up. Mukkuda (I have no idea how to spell it, but that's how it sounds- muh' kuh duh) is the local word for a certain type of sausage, simmilar to a summer sausage, typically made from venison. Most local butchers offer to take a portion of your venison to make mukkuda links and mine is no exception, although they farm out the job to a local meat compaany called Volworths. We had (5) 2lb sticks made up and we'll have mukkuda, cheese and cracker appetizers prior to our vension steaks tonight:)

Because I'm leaving for New Zealand on the 18th (if my work visa is processed in time), we picked up a Christmas tree today and will celebrate the holiday early, on the 15th. LP and I picked out a Charlie Brown tree at a stand next door to the local massage parlor-Maggies. my back was killing me and I so wanted to dump the freaking tree and get a massage instead!

Now, we're finally back home (near blizzard conditions still, for the 4th day in a row), waiting for PW to get home from work so we can chow on venison and empty that bottle of multipulciano. Well, I'm going to empty the bottle-LP had more than her share at the winery;)


Jay said...

I've got NY Strip planned for tonight, but now I wish I was having venison steaks.

Mr. Bud said...

dang fella's, thems don't beat the corn dogs and ramin noodles we're serving here! (massive kid influx tonight... and i'm lazy)

near blizzard? ok, so what do you call a blizzard? i have not seen hoton since 5 pm. only eeerrrrgg snowmobiles.

sorry again. i wimped out (actually i passed out. sleep... o wonderous sleep..) keep marinading. please o please....

The Pirate said...

plenty more steaks in the deer freezer downstairs, mr bud:)