Monday, December 24, 2007


Despite the dates on my laptop and camera, it is well into Christmas morning, here in Southern Ocean, South of New Zealand. The ship's tree is decorated and leaning against the far wall of the mess, drunk as usual. In truth, he's taken several years of wave-induced damage cause he never gets properly supported. However, the broken ornaments have been replaced and he's been back to something resembling a tree, albeit a drunken one, so we are happy with him. The presents for our gift exchange weren't yet placed under the tree, but were, eventually. The exchange and our Christmas meal will be at noon when both crews are up for shift change. The Europeans and Asians and Kiwis will probably all go out to play Cricket on the heli-deck. The American will put a few more KM's on the elliptical machine, take a smoking hot sauna and pass out. He's tired. And hates Cricket. Or maybe he just doesn't understand the object of the game.

In any case, I wish you all Happy Holidays, Peace and Joy and Family and Friends.

Hello LP and PW. I miss you both so much!! See my tree, LP? I've hung your locket on it for the day. PAPA LOVES YOU :o)


Jay said...

Merry Christmas!

LeeAnn said...

Merry Christmas. While it is never nice to be away for the holidays, your ship sounds nice. I had visions of some rust bucket bobbing in the sea but your photos of it changed my mental picture. Stay safe.