Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nick off for a bit o kip

Had a bit of a dust off with the Captain and the Party Manager, down at the bar. I planned to get a bit of rack time before the 3am departure, but realized i hadn't eaten a proper meal since Friday and it's Sunday night. Granted, I lost a day but I was HUNGRY.

So, 4-5 beers later, I hit the hotel restaurant for the Sunday Carvery. The carvery is a buffet of salads, side-dishes and deserts accenting a hand-carved roast and ham. I ate like pig. I also ate a lot of pig. The ham was perfect. Simply perfect. The beef roast was good, but they spiced it with something like Italian salad dressing, so I limited out on the ham. Desert was an apple crumble, followed by twin helpings of chocolate raspberry and banana cream pies. I washed the whole mess down with one more pint of Guinness on tap. I am drunk, stuffed and bone-tired. I also have no idea what time my body thinks it is, so I've told it that it is bedtime. Which it is, if I've a 3am departure time.

Seems we are foregoing helicopters due to the seas state and instead have hijacked the local ferry and will use the jet boat to transfer between ships. Going to be a wet and wild ride, but it beats an hour in an uncomfortable chopper, I hope. So, until I make my ship,


ps. I love Kiwis just like I love Aussies. They are just like rowdy Americans with funny accents:)

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Mr Bud said...

bon voyia..voye..voiag..

spell like a 3rd grader.
have a safe trip.