Monday, December 3, 2007

End of the Road Trip

We're back. We concluded a fast-paced two days with BP being subjected to back-to-back interviews while I sat in the truck stealing Internet access from somebody who lives to close to the college and didn't bother to encrypt their network, then reading research posters for an hour in the biology department. Whatever the outcome of the scholars competition, BP has already been accepted to the University and received a partial scholarship. Yesterday and today he competed with about 200 other whiz kids for a full-ride scholarship. My wallet wishes him well. He'll be notified of the results in a few weeks. Even if he misses out, the past two days were a great experience and he was able to talk to the directors of the Freshman Fellows and Honors programs, both of whom urged him to apply. For me, I'm hopeful my wallet gets a break and I enjoyed breakfast...

So, after a slightly nasty, two-hour drive, we're back home. There's a lot of snow to move out of the driveway and I have to head back into town to pick up LP from her after-school program.

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Freddie said...

Congrats to the whiz kid (and Dad)!