Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Work intrudes

Sitting here on a lazy Wednesday morning, drinking coffee in my boxers (too much? Tough.) I slept in very late after staying up late to varnish some molding. I turn on the laptop and find out that I'm scheduled to leave for NZ Friday morning. W.T.F. ???

Crew-x isn't until next Wed, but they've found it necessary to ship me out Friday and didn't bother to fucking tell me until today. The early Christmas planned for Saturday? Out. Finishing the odds and ends in the bathroom like lights and power? Out. Finishing PW's secret Christmas present? Out. Mailing out Christmas presents top friends abroad? Out. One last leisurely weekend with my precious family? Out.

So, I have to shop for necessities, pack, snowblow the driveway once more and finish my Christmas shopping while spending as much time with the family as I can for the next 1.5 days and the kids are in school all day. Fuck.

OK, done bitching. Yes, I realize I just took a 3-month, paid vacation, but dammit, I hate leaving and worse, finding out at the very last minute.

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