Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pope took my chopper

I know I have been basically silent the last 3 weeks, but it has been by necessity and perhaps some circumstance. Five weeks of major stress, lack of sleep and a somewhat crappy 21,000-mile commute home just plain kicked my ass.  After arriving home I'm told that I'm grinding my teeth in my sleep, giving me a week of excruciating pain despite eating codeine like peanuts.  But finally, just a couple nights of a bite thingy and I was fixed.  Then, I promptly got whacked by a killer cold/flu I'm just now recovering from.  Been sleeping, or at least laying around in a semi-vegetative state for the whole of my three-week break.  Read a few books, though.

Anyhoo, I WAS supposed to head back to Africa, but the dang Pope decided to fly in this weekend as well.  As you may or may not know it's not exactly fun, or easy to get in, or out of Luanda, even on a good day.  Try it the same weekend as the holiest of holies is in town and your outta luck.  Our usual base at the mouth of the Congo has been shut down for days, already and it looks like the dude in the funny hat has taken my chopper, most likely for a birds-eye of the sunbathers on the beach, or a quick chopper hunt of one, or more of the big five at one of those private big-game ranches.  So, today I was notified that crew-x has been indefinitely postponed.  I am deeply dissappointed.

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