Monday, March 30, 2009

Questions, questions

I loathe to write about politics, but occasionally I just can't help but wonder aloud at what I see.

I wonder why the financial sector's bailout comes with strings that now limit bonuses over a million bucks (after the fact), but the auto industry bailout comes with demand of re-structuring, public chastisement by the president, firings, possible loss of benefits, etc? What the fuck is up with that?  Must be that the auto industry didn't contribute enough money to the current government.  Bummer.

I'm dropping my favorite senator an email to ask him just what the fuck is up with that, but feel free to set me straight on this cause I just don't get it. 

1 comment:

Mr. Bud said...

humans make no sense.

ok riddle me this:

how did jesus die the second time?
I mean it is easter and all...

didn't the toga and sandel boys of 0 A.D see him as an un-stoppable jason or a 3 day old zombie and mall him down with ozzies and .410's? Big firey explosion? Fargo wood chipper?

some questions can never be answered....

humans make no sense.