Friday, March 27, 2009


LL suggested I get Twitter. She also mentioned Christopher Walken's Twitter page and after about 5 minutes, I was hooked. I read a couple pages and man is that guy wicked funny and smart. So I got Twitter and there's a linky thing on my sidebar (of course, there is now a widget for everything). I can twitter from my phone which will be a crew-x bonus, assuming I ever crew-x, again. After 12 years at sea in this business, I have come to expect the unexpected and realize that anything can and invariably DOES happen and nothing much surprises me. OK, the Pope stealing my chopper was a small surprise, but today's eleventh hour reprieve was not. Africa is a different world and things happen on Africa time, NOT your timeline. No visa, no crew-x, no sweat.

We are planning a hike into the woods, despite the heavy snow. The recent thaw and now low temps should make the snow walkable, even in the deep woods. Not sure where we are going to go, or who is coming, but I hope we can agree on somewhere remote and quiet! I need a few hours of nothing but the wind in the trees and the winter birds.

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Jay said...

I just added you on Twitter.

Check out Tweet Grid and Tweet Deck. They both make Twitter easier as you start following more and more people.

Tweet Grid works in your browser and Tweet Deck has to be downloaded. Both are cool, but Tweet Deck is a major memory hog.