Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back in the saddle, again

I'm fully immersed in the work now.  The operation isn't actually up and running, which is a blessing as I have a rather complicated workflow to set up and prosecute.  After nearly 2 full days onboard, I'm still reading emails and handover notes, trying to get a handle on what is supposed to be done for this project.  Damn.

Yesterday, after just getting here, I get an email requesting I choose flights home.  Going to be a very short and fast trip.

I'm suddenly getting solicited to review products on my blog, offers for free shit and whatnot.  I've got mixed feelings on this.  Any comments?  I started my (largely ignored, lately) review blog to let people know when I come across a product I feel strongly about, not to get free shit and promote (or trash-talk) just anything.  Let me amend that statement.  I haven't ignored the review blog, I just haven't come across anything l feel strongly about, lately.  Well, I did manage to drink a little good beer over the break and have been kicking around the idea of reviewing my favorite brew pub and their yummy beers...KBC, KBC, KBC....

Heard on Twitter (from Tony Robbins) that Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is going to begin offering tickets for commercial space flight next year.  I think I have finally found a reason to be very wealthy.  Tickets to space would fall somewhere between a new deer rifle and a new fishing pole.

Finally, as nice as it is to be working back in my home quadrant of the globe, it looks to get even better-there is a good chance I'll be starting up a multi-ship operation back in US waters at the end of the year, or early next year :)


PR said...

Your call. Stick to your standards. If its a product category you have an interest in, I would be interested to read your opinion, good or bad.

Real cab driver said...

I wouldn't do the reviews unless they're paying you.

I'm fascinated, what does this guy do for a living? Oil field stuff? Fishing? I'll have to return to your blog again. I like your attitude.