Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kicking back in Colombia

Its amazing that I've let the blog go so long without an update of some sorts.  All I can say is that my break was WAY too short and I simply needed to spend time with my family and get a bit of work done, too.

I'm currently kicking back in Cartagena, Colombia in a 5-star resort on the beach.  I'm sitting in a GIANT, tented lobby/balcony, overlooking the pool and the beach right now, contemplating whether or not to get a drink, or something to eat before I take a nap in the gentle ocean breeze that's making me very, very sleepy.  A siesta is definitely in order.

I ended up here after missing a connection in Houston at crew-x, which in turn, caused me to miss the boat out to my ship.  Sooo, I spent a pleasant night and day in Bogota, then flew here last night.  I spent some time with the offgoing crew, who turned up a few hours after me, last night.  They were too eager to party and figuring I was heading to work this morning, I begged off and crashed in the hammock swinging on my balcony, overlooking the ocean.  During the night, a storm blew in and blowing rain forced me back into my suite.  Poor me.

Actually, as nice as it is here (and man, is it fucking NICE), it just isn't that enjoyable without my wife here to enjoy it with me.  Ocassionally, I end up, through some twist of fate, in places like this, but it sucks being alone.  Eating, drinking and wandering around on your own is, in a word, lonely.  Honey, if you read this, I really wish you were here.  I would rather be at work than sitting in a place like this, by myself :(

ps. 5-star resorts in Cartagena are not fucking cheap.  Six bucks for a 6000ml bottle of water!  Don't even ask about beer...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice don't mean shit if your alone. Been there.