Saturday, October 31, 2009

What to do?

I'm not sure exactly what's going on, to be perfectly honest. I've kept this blog going with more or less daily posts, for something like 3 years, with a year or so prior of my previous blog, which I had to shut down d/t work issues.  Lately?  I'm just not posting.  Part of it has been work-related, in that onboard I have been working hellish hours, under a lot of stress and when I get off, I also have a lot of things to do and simply want to spend time with my wife, children and friends.  Whatever the case, this blog has suffered greatly in the past several months and I find myself questioning the validity of keeping it open.

I think about the fact that over the years it has served several purposes, more than admirably. I've had a place ot keep my family and friends up to date with my worldly wanderings.  I've had a place to vent, a place to be creative.  I've met some WONDERFUL people as a direct result of this blog. One of them, LL, has become part of my extended family.  We LOVE her and our vacations together have been a huge treat.  Man, can she cook the vittles, too:)  I've received, advise, gifts, cool links, GREAT reading recommendations, a chance to write and coorespond with the wonderful and creative folks at FTTW (we still email and they are still, all, drop-dead funny), and the chance to explore other people's writing and lives-something I will always cherish, no matter if I keep writing, or not.  Even as a non-blogger, I will always read, especially those on my blogroll, that I've been reading for years, now. 

So, I know blogs come and blogs go.  I don't know if mine will go, yet.

AND, in a pathetic attempt to update anyone who reads here, but doesn't follow me on Twitter -I'm in Colombia, not far offshore from Cartagena, or Baranquilla, take your pick.  I'm working my ass off, it's hot, humid, sunny and mostly very rough.  I've still got ten fingers, ten toes and my sense of humor (which really was never any good, but it's still here).

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LL said...

Awwww, I love you guys too! I never thought I'd make these family friends that I VACATION with via an online site. No way, no how. And here you guys are, part of my every day life.

Oh, and as for blogging, I have noticed in my own life, dropping pithy thoughts in twitter has replaced some of my short, snarky blog posts. So that is where some of my blogging has gone. Maybe the same is true for you? It's like we can do the blog comments without all the work of blogging. hahahaha