Thursday, May 17, 2007

Housecleaning and headclearing

Lots to do tonight and tomorrow before flying home for a much-needed break. Time to confirm my flight and limo reservations that will get me out of here, pack my shit and study the last of the nasty stuff they have been tryin to cram into my stuffy head.

Speaking of which, have you ever used a saline sinus rinse? Stuck a fucking can up your nose, pushed the button and hosed out your head? I just did. It's not pleasant. Still, nearly anything is better than getting on a series of airplanes with a sinus infection and bubbling ears. If I wasn't heading home for just the last few days of break, I would not be flying tomorrow. No way. much pain awaits me, this I know. Hence, the four different drugs and a bottle of "hose your nose".

If you look to the right (Your right, my left. I AM here, staring back at you), you will see a new image under "OTHER PORTS IN A STORM". The good folks over at Faster Than The World have made us writers a new playground!!

All of us will post at will, on whatever suits us. I like those kinds of restrictions, but haven't posted, yet. Too damn busy and sick. Never fear, I will be using it, though. We FTTW writers seem to feed off each other and often create a wonderful dynamic in some of our all-day email threads and it is our hope that it will also happen with this blog. Go see-I'm going back to bed.


Macoosh said...

safe trip! as much as those nose hoses are gross, i love how great they are for clearing things up.

Mr. Bud said...

(*whew* your alive. PW had visions of to many OTC drugs and you were on the bathroom floor or somethin')

speechless. (me...ha.)
one day, it'll go fast, and hopefully won't be remembered. good luck on the test. keep in mind PW & 'lil girlfriend (and chicky soup!!)are at the end of the trail. You'll make it.

dude.. it so sucks. sorry 4 that.
b safe on the ride.. congrats on the FTTB

LeeAnn said...

You can make your own nose hose by just adding some salt to warm water and using a baby nasal dropper to squirt the stuff up your nose, then just blow your nose.