Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Damn they come around fast, don't they?

Moring all you crazy cats back on shore. Its Tuesday morning, I'm wearing nothing but earplugs and a grimace-the devil and his side-kick are directly over my cabin, hammering and grinding as if their lives depended on it.

You've got today to save poor little Lucy Groves. I don't see anyone saving her-what's the deal? I thought maybe, just maybe I was being just a tiny bit mean, but no-you guys really want to see her burn. If this keeps up, she will find herself burnt tomorrow, during her morning coffee.

So, you know the drill, go on over to FTTW and find me. While you're there, go check out Michele's boobs, or Baby Huey's pesto recipie-YUMMY! Um, the pesto, not the boobs, Honey. You might also peek at Cullen's guitars while there-he's talking wood and I loves me some wood. Go ahead, anyone can have that-I put it out there for free, take your best shot (Tilts chin up).

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Mr. Bud said...

Ok, in defence of one Lucy Groves, the only reason not to send off the response is one of compassion. she may be the wiki lake high school prom queen of 2006 and now, as a 19 year old has a position at a reputible gasket company. her mum and dad love her so, small apt in the 'big' city, little dog named boo, and has a stuffed animal collection that rivals the iowa county fair.

she maybe a midget porn star who ran into a gasket salesman, and instead of succumbing to his cock ring pitch, she impressed him with her vast knowledge of condoms, IUD's and other gaskets. Since she is not of white decent, got a job at a reputible gasket company using the affirmative action technique.

in either case, a lesson should be taught about the real world.

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