Monday, April 30, 2007


My bad. Haven’t posted in a while d/t my workload. You know, real-life, the other white meat. This hitch is over on Wednesday and there are many unplanned issues that have come up in the past two weeks and they have taken a lot of my time. On top of that, I have a rather difficult course coming up three days after crew-x and I’ve been studying (napping) for it every day. Its rather advanced stuff and I am more than a bit unprepared for it. A raise an promotion hinges on successfully completing it, so I have been sweating it, just a tad.

So anyway, life has been pretty quite here, lately. We are all sort of hunkered down, just trying to get through the last week of the trip and steer clear of the roaches swarming the ship. Its gotten to the point where you can’t kill them for fear of reprisal.

Speaking of reprisal, wait till you read my next post. I received an email that offers more entertainment value than the GOOD BARRISTER…


Mr. Bud said...

well, welcome back kotter. Yup i believe you've been workin. honest i do. i didn't think you were deep sea fishin for marlin for a minute. nope.. didn't think that at all.

Macoosh said...

welcome back! good luck w/ the course and then the promotion!