Wednesday, April 25, 2007


MOTHERFUCKER! Two hours before shift and at least three of the bastards are on top of my cabin. Two with hammers and at least one with a grinder. I tried to prepare for it by having a pair of earplugs and my noise-cancellation headphones ready, but even the both togther do not help, much. I hate this!


Anonymous said...

*deep breath* just keep thinkin ....5 more days to PW. 5 more days to PW.

It really must suck out there the last few days, knowing that you are going home soon. I hope it moves at lightning speed for you.

~crazy peanut~

dorothy said...

Wait - what happened to your tonsils?

The Pirate said...

Well, I have tonsilitus, but I've been taking massive doses of penicillin and I'm better, for now.