Saturday, April 7, 2007

read me, oh read me, please!

Lots for him and her and you

Lots for you to see and do

Go see my buddy John at his new site

He lives in the box, just to the right

Or click right here to read a review

At Faster Than The World

Where I've got something new


LL said...

Hmmm....."John." Who lives under a bridge. In Mobile, AL. With a laptop. And a box home.

I shall consider letting him into my home to shower. BUT. It may have to be after that woman comes back from maternity leave. Then, I'll be so fuckin' jammed up catching up that I'm not going to have time to blog at all. I'll need some help keeping things going along. ;)

The Pirate said...

Send him an email-its in his profile. However, after reading some of his comments about me, I'm thinking he deserves his box...