Friday, April 6, 2007

Journal Adrift: I've lost count

We’ve got a rookie captain at the wheel tonight. We are still drifting aimlessly, in general, but tonight he is “practicing” maneuvers with the thrusters. Imagine tying knots in the ocean with a huge ship. Now imagine trying to live on the ship while someone is tying the knots. We’re spinning and weaving, pitching and rolling and the seas are pretty rough. Laying in my bunk, trying to watch a movie, I could feel the inertia as we spun, sometimes against and sometimes with the seas. It’s dizzying. I don’t much like it, but he needs the practice. Our maneuvers are difficult and even highly experienced captains have difficulties, so he practices and we try to ignore the roller coaster ride. I just wish whatever is rolling around up there on top of my steel ceiling, would stop so I can sleep.
Its 4 am.


Blondie said...

There is nothing in your ceiling. That's your brain rolling around in your head. :)

Jay said...

I think I'm sea sick now.

Macoosh said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the week from hell {{excepting maybe the food}} has just hit an all-time low. Rollercoater in the ocean. Me heart goes out to ya. But me supposes if he needs the practice and it'll keep ya alive me will try to keep me stomach inside me instead of bowing to the porclein gods. EWWWWWWWWWW

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Poor Pirate. Would it help if you just raised your hands in the air and screamed "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

Ok, that was dumb. Can I buy you a Black Beauty Burger to make up for it?

Pirate said...

Blondie-who told you about the marbles??
-everyone, I didn't get sick but it was horribly ANNOYING to spin in circles for hours.
Queen-I would like mine very rare;)