Saturday, April 7, 2007

The morning after...

Well, my first book review, over at FTTW received a very nice review by The Pen, over at The Pen Is Mightier, which made my day:)

He obviously didn’t read the stupid poem I posted here last night while totally whacked out on Darvocets and Flexerals. I guess I should be thankful for that and NOT blog on drugs, no matter how much fun I’m having.

Here's a shot of my coffee maker. Just because.


Anonymous said...

YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Easter Pirate. And Happy Easter to PW and LP.......Me is sure it'll be a ok one.. Me knows that ya would rather be home but in yer heart you is so that will have to do.....Have a Happy Easter anyways ok????????


Anonymous said...

Pirate, me would love to go and say hi to yer friend ... But when me clicks under other ports in a storm me ends up at FTTW. Whcih is cool. Me has only missed one of yer columns. *shame of it*. So, if ya would kindly let me know where he is me will go an say hi. Me re-read the blog entry about him 2 times and cant find him. A link maybe??? Um, stop over at me boring little blog and give me the URL or something like that????? PLEASE??????


Blondie said...

Nice Starbucks. Where are the young, stupid baristas though?