Monday, April 16, 2007

Asian Night

Weather and seas are back to calm. It’s been a busy day for me.

Found out my oldest son managed a speeding ticket before having his license for even a year. Damn, I hope he learns his lesson right now.

My kids went to Mexico a couple days ago. I asked them both what they thought of the Coutnry. My son, he intellectual said, “I dunno, it was real Mexican”. My daughter, the twitchy one, said, “It was really gross”. I’m glad they’ve both been raised to appreciate other cultures. sigh.

I’ve heard a little more on my furnace. Mostly that its out of commission until I can fix it in late May. Oh and a couple descriptions of the soot everywhere in the house. Oil burners without a plumbed cold air return can make a nasty mess, evidently.

Last night’s dinner was scalloped stuffed flounder, topped with a puréed vegetable sauce. Tonight was Asian night-shrimp egg rolls and sweet and sour pork:)

Shit, I just realized I didn’t do my laundry today…well, that suks.

The gang at FTTW has started a group. I don’t know if anyone uses it, or is even aware of what it is, but we’ve started a group and you all are welcome to join. Basically, it tracks what we’re all listening to in real time, enabling anyone to see what you listen to on your computer. Normally, I wouldn’t give something like this a second thought BUT music is a big part of FTTW and these people listen to some really cool stuff, so I joined up. There’s a link over on our front page (left sidebar) if your interested. Anyway, after the last two music videos, you know that at least I have impeccable taste in music and that should be reason enough to join-haha!


Queen of Dysfunction said...

How do I get on your ship? I'm sick of cooking. Can I bring the kids?

Ouch on the soot throughout the house. How does one go about getting soot out of everything?

Macoosh said...

last nights dinner sounds amazing and made me want some yummy fish...

maybe i'll go out for dinner tonight...