Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Spoonful of Sugar...

We’ve been sitting here doing nothing for so long that tonight’s discussion was about all the dirty things we want to do to Mary Poppins. Mary Fucking Poppins! Ugh.

It’s going to be a long trip.


Jay said...

Marry Poppins was freaking hot!

Come on dude. We all know that under all that prim and proper attitude and those conservative dresses that covered her from neck to toe she was a tiger. In fact, the clothing was part of the fun for her. She was pretty kinky.

The Pirate said...

Yes, that is the general consensus onboard-she's up for anything.

Mr. Bud said...

so did julie andrews and dick van dike do the nasty? been a question since childhood... i mean she already knew what music sounded like b'fore she was poppin'.

ok.. missed stopping in on the way home. do it tomorrow, forces beyond my control... bitch.

4 feet of fucking snow my ass, if this is 4 feet, then i'm a fucking midget, it's up pass my chin. global warming? huh... take a look at this shit. it is april? fuuuuck.

no one said anything. ah, yeah, 'lil blizard' that's all. oy. um, don't worry it'll melt. Makings of a glacier if you ask me.

it is now you smile and say, ha! i'm so glad i'm sunnin' the carribean on my little cruise ship.

The Pirate said...

Chin? shit, I hope my kitchen roof holds up, I knew I should have shoveled it again, before I left!!

Its about 60 here tonight;)

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Alright. I need brain bleach now.