Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why is it so loud inside my head?

OK, In the last 15 minutes I've learned what its like to shower and brush your teeth while earplugs are inserted. ITS LOUD GODDAMMIT! Like not as loud as the motherfuckers STILL on top of my cabin, but loud enough to make me cry. My electric toothbrush is just another grider, this one inside my head. Gargling? LOUD. Even brushing my hair.

I need a fucking smoke.


LeeAnn said...

So why all the noise? Just part of their day at work? Other than the great food you eat I don't think I would want your job! Just in case you didn't read it Don "Tiny Bubbles" died last week.

The Pirate said...

Every ship is constantly getting chipped, ground and re-painted. On here they only do it from about 2 hours before I'm supposed to wake up until about 2 hours into my shift. My mornings suk, period.

Yes, I heard about Don Ho:(

Blondie said...

Now imagine that your heartbeat is whooshing in your ear, too.