Tuesday, April 24, 2007

TUESDAY, again

Hola and welcome! It's Tuesday and despite the fact that Beezlebub is fucking pounding on my steel box with a hammer an hour before my alarm is due to go off and there was no hot water, or water pressure for that matter, in my little, rusty shadow of a shower, I am in a good mood. I've got my headphones jamming at full volume, despite the fact that my eyes haven't been open for 10 minutes, yet. I've got some awesome, new music going that shall remain nameless as it would seriously put a dent in my reputation. Whatever, in six days I get off this fucking piece of shit and it can't be too soon.

So, today is not only a good day, its TUESDAY and that means I'm over at FTTW. The crazies over there (myself, included) are cooking up some pretty cool things to come, over there and while I can't give up the goat, keep your eyes open for some fun stuff. (I'm thinking wet t-shirt contest)


Queen of Dysfunction said...

What would a blogger wet t-shirt contest look like anyway?

You are off in six days? Are you going to need your cooks after that? Can I have them?

PW said...

Can I enter???

The Pirate said...

Can you enter? YOU'RE going to win:)

The Pirate said...

Q-a blogger Wet T-shirt contest looks like; put on T-shirt (or not), dump liquid on your chest, take photo and email to me. I horde them, or sell on Ebay and post rigged results. its quite simple, really.

Ann O'Mous said...

Dude... you forgot to give her the email address.
Here it is dear..


feel free to fill up my... ahh pirates box with as many pictures as you want..

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Thanks Pirate for clearing that up. I was very confused.

How come you aren't making millions on the internets?

Macoosh said...

new music that would damage your reputation? are you sure you don't want to participate in my "name that musical" contest???


meanwhile, i adore how much you adore PW. makes me smile.