Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Today, I woke up a few minutes early in order to eat the noon meal, which was our big, Easter meal. Normally, I do coffee and a smoke, skipping the noon meal in favor of toast and yogurt around 1, or 2. The cook advised me yesterday that I would do well to stop in at noon today and he was right.

The meal revolved around a giant ham and a whole turkey. All the trimmings for both were laid out. I had a plate of ham, stuffing, yams, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes with the skins and salad. For desert I had piece of boston cream pie and a big chunk of a pastry made with layers of flaky dough/pastry stuff and whipped cream.

After coffee and calls to PW and the kids, I’m posting this, putting on my headphones, some quiet music and taking a nap right here in the instrument room. Some guys not sharing a cabin are sneaking off to do a bunk audit, so I’m sacking out right here.

We are still drifting aimlessly, near the coast.


Anonymous said...

Glad ya had a good easter dinner......Sounds awesome except me is allergic to the Boston Cream. Come to think of it , a good way to kill me off if someone wanted to huh? ROFL ;)

Glad ya got to call PW and the kids. Awesome. Still :( that ya couldnt be with um, but phones is wondeful things aint they?? LOL

Jay said...

Man you guys chowed down!

Happy Easter Pirate!

Blondie said...

Well, you had a much better Easter dinner than I did. I had frozen cheese sticks and some lemon zingers. :)

Maeve said...

My dad & sister will be up in the U.P visting my brother this week.
I'm a very, very bitter witch.

The Pirate said...

Sorry to hear that, maeve. I'm a little bitter, too, after just hearing that the snow is up to my buddy's chin back home. I'm tired of bobbing around out here in the same patch of shitty, green water when I could be home enjoying the dang snow!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Can we trade places for oh, say, about 48 hours?