Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tittel: Hjelp

I need help. NOT that kind, you smart asses! I know you guys. I seriously need help with blogger. I need someone to walk me through my Norwegian buttons and links, to a place where I can reset my blogger language to plain old English, or to that mystical and obscure place where I can actually send a real blogger person an email crying and begging for help while slobbering on myself.

Without some form of help from the outside, I am screwed. I have learned several words and phrases in the past two days, but I am getting pretty pissed off! Why me?


Freddie said...

If I'm understanding your problem correctly...

At the page you get to after signing in to Blogger (the Dashboard), go to Settings (third of four blue buttons from the left), then Formatting (third blue button again), then scroll down to language (6th dropdown down).

Hope it helps.

Btw, Tallman and I were shopping for my new swimsuit, and this reminded me of "the cove" here:

(Ha! Terrible thing to do to a pirate at sea huh?)

The Pirate said...


Um, the ad was nice. What can I do with it, I wonder??

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I don't know Norwegian, but I did minor in German!

Alright, sorry.

Macoosh said...

for some reason, the fact that the norwegian switcheroo happened to you makes it funnier.