Sunday, April 15, 2007

Straight Outta Milktoast Ohio

Workout: walking the deck while the heave at the bow and stern is hitting 40 feet. Uphill, then downhill, bouncing between the railings and bulkheads while walking across the beam of the ship. 10 laps and I’ve got to rest. It’s cool and sunny but the winds must be over 30 knots again, today.

I managed to get a call through to PW and the little one, resting after their long road trip. They sounded warm and comfy lying around watching movies. Made me want to cry, I miss them so much. Today begins the backside-yesterday was hump day, or mid-way through the trip. All the inactivity has made this hitch seem to go on forever. Yesterday was actually the only really busy day I’ve had the entire trip. I was jammed with work and a huge problem I just couldn’t solve. The worrying over PW’s road trip, my best friend trying to deal with the fire-breathing dragon in my basement and the extremely bad weather out here made it quite the lousy day.

Today, I feel like a deflated balloon. No oomph.

I have managed to get over to Blogger Idol and get in a few votes for the Queen. The time is growing short and voting is coming to an end-time to pull out the stops and put her over the top, for good people. Get out and rock the vote! I’ve got a shitty connection and can only vote once every two minutes, or something, so go make up for my shortcomings, or something like that. Go. Vote. Now.

What else? I watched a few minutes of the Red Wings beatin up on Calgary…Oh!! I wish I knew how to post an mp3 file on here. If anyone wants to hear something REALLY funny and well, kind of cool, too-email me. I have a copy of Nina Gordon covering Ice Cube’s part of the “Classic” NWA rap, Straight Outta Compton. Got it from one of my fellow FTTW writers. I not only LIKE her version, but it so eloquently illustrates the disparity between a rapper’s lyrics and his lifestyle; reducing Ice Cube and his lyrics to so much circus-clownery that ignorant fucks who buy into that lifestyle couldn’t help but be forced to re-examine their pathetic choices in life. Or not.

Pay dirt: Of course MANY people have married it to a chunk of the NWA video ( I assume) and I shall endeavor to embed. The lyrics are NSFW, of course and THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR THE LITTLE ONE - PW, THIS MEANS YOU! (I love you, Honey)


Blondie said...

Since I can't watch your video because I just went through about 10 system failures on my computer because of my f*cked up driver, I'll say this instead: Do you ever get ice stuck on your boat like those guys on "Deadliest Catch" and have to bang it off with a big sledge hammer?

The Pirate said...

Just as well, the video is horrible, but the song (despite the bad words) is pretty cool. I'll mail it to ya.

Yes, in the North Sea, Russian Sea, Barents, North Atlantic, Southern Indian Ocean and last fall up in the Chuckchi and Bering seas. Ice build-up can be deadly. You get ice and your out hammerin.

Mr. Bud said...

she's good. creative..
i can't judge this ice cube fellow though, cause i don't really know or 'get' his environment. BUT he did use his environment and his 'talent' and can now probably buy a white picket fence house and take gals out in his hummer. Isn't that what all these middle class people went to college for? seems to me he went from step L to step Z with out having to payback any student loans.
and... it's not that i'm old.. rap sucks. said...

Have you been on XEOSS today?

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Halfway down, half to go! I'm sorry you miss PW and the little one, you'll be home before you know it.

I am definitely going to be checking out that link soon. Sounds very, very, interesting...

Macoosh said...

this song is fantastic.