Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dickcheese on wheels

It's Tuesday-you know the drill-FTTW

Another rotten day out here. The night before last, we were forced to sail to port for a medi-vac. The guy is going to make it, but he was hurting, bad. While in port, I got a call from my brother. It seems he and his gf and three kids were assaulted while on a bike ride in their neighborhood after a fireworks display by a couple of fuckwits in a car. They pulled all kinds of shit, but the only thing that really matters is they ran over her leg with their car and the kids were there. Now the little one is having nightmares of mommy getting run over and killed.

I know it makes me a bad person but I think that is just enough to justify a bullet to the head for the asshole that did this. Really. I firmly believe that a person like this is a waste of air and should be quickly removed from the list of people currently using up air on planet earth. Anyone is free to explain to me why a person who would run over a mother in front of her children should be allowed to live and I should have to pay to house, feed and clothe them. Or more to the point, why the mother should have to pay said costs after being run over.

Anyway, they caught the dickcheese and I hope he fucking burns, hard. Mother is pretty much OK, resting at home, but I really feel bad for the little girl left with nightmares of her mother being run over and dying.

Last night I hit the rack with this crap on my mind and didn’t fall asleep until around 5pm. Around 8pm alarms go off and I find myself down on deck trying to jam a lifejacket over my head without undoing the straps because I’m standing there in my boxers with one boot, still half-asleep. Ooops, somebody hit the wrong fucking button-false alarm. I didn’t get back to sleep until around 10 and my alarm went off at 10:30.

They just don’t make coffee strong enough for shit like this.


Anonymous said...


Glad that your bro's g/f will be ok. Very sad about the little one tho having nightmares. :(

Agreed about the bullit to the brain idea. Have you started a petition? I have a few names to add to the list.

Take care out there.

~crazy peanut~

Macoosh said...

remind me never to complain about my life ever ever again.

sorry bout all that; it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Me feels bad for yer brother's g/f too. And yer right. The dickwad who did it is a waste of space of the planet an me hopes he burns in hell. But the courts will sentence him to jail and the american tax payers will suffer for it. Shooting is to fast and quick for him.

Best wishes to all.